Fishing for Apps as Visualization of Fishing Hobby for Fisherman

featured on 24 Nov , 2014

To get rid of boredom in the middle of activity, I ordinarily operate fishing for apps. I cannot be separated from iPhone, because I have been addicted to play this app in my spare time. You do not want to be frustrated facing by a lot of job which seize your time. Thus, everybody needs to refresh their mind by do something fun. Refreshing which I used to undertake is hang out, sports, visiting tourism objects, taking a walk to somewhere. These activities need more time and it is impossible to be done when we got break time a few minutes in our activity. Therefore, existence of fishing apps enables us to have fun in a while.

Fishing for apps can represents your hobby in fishing field. If you do not have enough time to reach lake or pond where angler can fish freely, now take your phone and play fishing game. It is simple way to entertain you and reduce tense of busy schedule. For fisherman, you can visualize and feels it likewise fishing in real. Fishing app android is applied in gadget designed with smart phones software. That is why everybody loves iPhone since this interesting games is applied inside.

Fishing for Apps

Series of Fishing for Apps

As other games application, this game has some series with different criteria and rules. You will be tempted to play these apps and try other series. Fishing for Apps types that become popular are Orvis Fly Fishing App, Flick Fishing, North American Fish Guide, Animated Fishing Knots, Navionics 5.0, Fugawi iMap, Bass Tournament Pro, The Weather Network, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, Fishing Buddy Lite.

Features of Fishing for Apps

You may find some key features of these fishing apps. Common feature that is applied in fishing apps are depth charts, climate or weather and directions. Moreover, important features of this game, you need to find hot spot and think over times to fish for thousands water bodies. It is a perfect design games to satisfy anglers who like fishing. In addition, you can use any technique and strategies to be a winner of Fishing for Apps.

Andromax G2 Limited Edition

featured on 17 Nov , 2014

Smartphone is one of the products of technology that is currently much in demand by the public. The advantages of a smartphone that not only can be used to communicate with other people, but also bring the operating system by offering a variety of attractive features and applications makes everyone want to have it.

Not imagination, to meet the needs of the community will be a smartphone which is increasing every day, making a variety of vendors competing in launching new smartphones. One is Smartfren, who never stopped pounding the local android market with low-quality products such as the mobile phone is one that comes with the name Smartfren Andromax G2 Limited Edition.

Smartfren Andromax G2 Limited Edition launched to continue the success of the previous generation, Smartfren Andromax G2 getting positive response from gadget lovers in the country.

Andromax G2 Limited Edition

The presence of this phone had been eagerly awaited by many people, especially for those who like to play the game, because in it will embed Gameloft Hub features. In addition to already provided some games from Gameloft are installed by pre-loaded, users can still play other games by buying via pulses of Smartfren card.

To support the activity of gaming, the latest products made in Smartfren this will provide a very special screen specifications. Has a size of up to 5 inches, the screen will adopt IPS Capacitive Touchscreen technology to support a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels.

Not only that, the quality of the hardware being offered Smartfren Andromax G2 Limited Edition is also very reliable to support a variety of applications and games. Where the smartphone is equipped with quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. In addition, the hardware sector will also be strengthened by the Adreno 302 graphics processing Unfortunately for the affairs of RAM, it only has a capacity of 512 MB only.

Turning to the camera sector, the device has been equipped with dual cameras. At the rear camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels autofocus feature that has been instilled and LED Flash Video. As for you who like to take pictures selfie the existing secondary camera on the front with a 1.3 megapixel lens will be able to meet your needs it.

Other Specifications Smartfren Andromax G2 Limited Edition is equipped with a data storage space. To be able to accommodate files and data in a number of very much, this phone is presenting an internal memory of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB using microSD. For the price, phones that run the Android operating system is going to KitKat pegged at a low price, namely Rp.1,099,000.

The Cute And Easy To Use Samsung Flip Terbaru As Your Phone Choice

featured on 4 Nov , 2014

Samsung Flip Terbaru

You want to be able to talk with your friends easily, and that is where something like Samsung Flip terbaru will be necessary to have. It’s important to keep yourself in contact with all of your friend, especially if you are close to them and don’t want to stop contacting each other. In the old time, mail is the only way to keep yourself in contact with your friends despite the long distance. Nowadays, mobile phone is the best way to be able to talk with each other easily without the need to wait for a mail to come to your home. On top of it, some of the newest mobile phone technology able to provide you extra entertainment as well, which make Samsung Flip terbaru as one of the best pick if compared to the other mobile phone you can find out there.Chatting with friends will be easier, and you will be able to enjoy a lot of different feature you find from this new mobile phone itself. Even so, remember that not all of the available mobile phone able to give you the best feature out there, which is why you need to choose your mobile phone carefully.

With a lot of mobile phone you can pick nowadays, you need to find the best possible one among the options out there. The phone itself needs to be easy to carry and use, especially when you need to contact someone quickly like Samsung Galaxy Golden 2. You will find a lot of different feature on each different phone out there, and it might be a good idea to pick the one according to your need in the first place. Even so, some people prefer the amazing Samsung Flip terbaru as their pick, which offer you a comfortable mobile phone you can use to get in contact with your friends or family easily.Just remember to ensure that your mobile phone is the one you need, or you might ends up not using the extra feature embedded on the phone itself and wasting your money where you can buy a cheaper one with the perfect feature you need the most.

It might be a good idea to check the internet and some magazine before buying your new phone, especially since reviews from other people will be able to reveal some advantage and disadvantage from the mobile phone itself. You might want to check some mobile phone catalog too, since you will be able to find out about the feature you can find from a mobile phone itself by reading it. On top of it, you can get the cheapest and perfect mobile phone according to your need, especially since a lot of people ends up buying phone with too much feature which doesn’t get used that much in the end. Among the best and new phone, Samsung Flip terbaru still become one of the most popular pick for most people nowadays, especially for its cute and easy to use design as one of the best phone choice for you.

How to Find Cool Muscle Cars with Perfect Features

featured on 19 Oct , 2014

How to get awesome cool muscle cars with full performance and capability? You do not have to worry since the methods of finding cool muscle cars are actually simple. By following below steps, you will be able to find cool muscle cars part that you need right now. First, you have to know about the feature of muscle cars that you choose. The feature of muscle cars should be able to make you feel satisfy with it. In fact, each brand may give several differences in features with each others. For that reason, you have to be careful in here. Do not choose muscle car that has bad quality and bad features. If you see that there is good design of muscle cars, then the first step that you have to do is asking the provider about what features and advantages that you can obtain from it.

Muscle Cars

Next, when you want to choose cool muscle cars, you have to know about the price. Sometimes, provide will sell you the muscle car with amazing price. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you have to be smart in selecting muscle cars that suitable with your need right now. If you plan to buy the one that has expensive price, you have to ask about what types of feature that you can obtain from the muscle cars later. Then, ask about what is the good thing in buying that expensive muscle to the customer service of MuscleCarsShow.  You can also browse and find more information in other media before you but muscle cars.

Lastly, in order to find cool muscle cars, it is obvious that you have to find the one with nice theme in it. If you can find cool muscle parts that has nice theme, you will be able to feel satisfy in an instant. The design that you choose should not too old.

Get More Respect Points by Cheat Drag Racing

featured on 13 Oct , 2014

Cheat Drag Racing

Drag Racing is one of popular games that become a favorite among game lovers. This game is really thrilling so that millions peoples are interested to play it. By playing with this game you can feel how to ride in a crazy speed. It is also can be a new experience for you who want to try join in street racing illegally. However, this game is also famous because there are a lot of people who play this game by cheating. There are many motives that lead people in using Cheat Drag Racing. One of them is because they want to circumvent the games in-app purchase system when they need to get Respect Points.

Why people tend to choose this cheat rather than other types is because this one provides some easiness for the users. First of all, it does not require you to purchase Respect Points. A lot game lovers exactly know that respect points are sold in high price and if you will need numerous Respect Points to play it as well as win it. Some people perhaps are eligible to purchase those highly-cost respect points, but some other may object it and they choose to use Cheat Drag Racing to avoid the purchasing. The use of this cheat also allows you to produce much any and help you to get the respect points as many as possible. Moreover, this cheat work is faster that other type of cheats. It also can be used easily even for the newbie. The features of this cheat are design in simple and friendly way for the users. You do not need to use any difficult technical and steps to operate it.

Then, what actually come to our mind is that whether this cheat is secure or not to be used. Actually Cheat Drag Racing is designed with newest guard anti-ban protection program as well as private proxies. This tool script will make the cheat to be undetectable. That is why; people who use this cheat will play the game like the real players that purchase for the respect points. This is the reason why many people call it as exploit script. The cheat that is used in Android to play Drag Racing is even more sophisticated. It is made with the greatest and newest protection. You do not require using jailbreak or rooting for that. Personal information also is not needed to operate this cheat.

5 Kode Rahasia Blackberry that You Should Know

featured on 11 Oct , 2014

Kode Rahasia BlackberryCategorized as one type of smartphone, Blackberry exactly becomes one of the most favourable gadgets since it helps people a lot in communication. If you by now own, you certainly will know how this popular gadget help you to ease your needs and activities. Blackberry is not only eligible for writing a text messages but also provide some features that allow you to engage in fast communication such as Blackberry messenger and sending an email. Kode Rahasia Blackberry is the interesting term that people usually want to master in order to enhance their productivity in communication and also to take full advantage of its features.

Actually Blackberry has numerous secret codes, but these are several kode rahasia Blackberry that every Blackberry user should know. The first code that is very important for Blackberry users is * #06 #. This code allows you to access IMEI number in your phone which contains around 15 unique identification codes. This code also can be used in other types of phone. You may find that most of Blackberry secret codes includes ALT key to use it. For instance, the code that is used to show the helpscreen, it can be done by holding ALT+shift+H. This code also allows you to give information about operating system, IMEI numbers, and so forth. Another code is ALT+RBVS which is used in order to show the source code when you are browsing with your Blackkberry. Hence, when you are opening the web you can recognize its source code. There is also ALT+LGLG which is used to show the even log in your Blackberry. You will know what kind of process you run through your screen. By using this code you, it will help you to clean your full RAM that commonly lowers your Blackberry processing.

There is also Blackberry Codes that does not require you to hold ALT key. You can take an example from LOLO. You can find this secret code in the date and time settings. The function of this code is giving the information about date and time settings that given by Blackberry operator. This code also allow you to change the date or time. Another important secret code that you should know is TEST. This one will help you to recognize whether there is a problem in your Blackberry hardware or not. This code also can be used to check all the hardware in your Blackberry interchangeably.

The Problems with Android Browser Security

featured on 9 Oct , 2014

News- The Problems with Android Browser Security

It can’t be denied that Android is gaining its momentum at this recent time. Even the iOS seems to be unable to deny it. The market sales have proven that Android phones are more sold than the iOS. It might be caused by so many things like how Android phones have cheaper prices and Android also has more applications which are available for free. And yes, “free” is a word which is loved everywhere by everyone. That is why there is no wonder if Android gadgets are so hot nowadays. However, it does not mean that Android has no flaw. The latest Android news from shows some surprising facts. Almost half of the Android gadgets that are used in the world are vulnerable to serious browser security exploitation.

We all know that one of the main reasons for us to get and use Android gadgets is to make sure that we can stay connected to the internet all the time and we can browse on the online world. Of course, we need to use browser for such matter. This is where the problem start. It has been noted that 75% of the Android users are vulnerable to the exploitation which is using the operation of the browser as the medium. The attacker of this vulnerability will use the leaking and get some sessions hijacked. Yes, indeed, it is really possible for the attacker because the browser can be bypassed. And when the sessions have been hijacked, it is really easy to access the Gmail, or even deal with the Facebook account. This is totally a “trespassing” to the private matters.

News- The Problems with Android Browser Security1

Knowing about this, Google has actually done something. The AOSP has been updated to make sure that the trespassing and the hijack can be suppressed from happening. At first, this solution seems to be so great. However, in reality, it is not like that. Well, it is not because the quality of the AOSP update is not really that good. It is rather about the fact that the updates of the Android version among the gadgets are greatly different. A gadget might have got its newest firmware for the Android version. It is hoped that the users can update the version right away. The users can learn about the available firmware update from the notification.

However, the other gadget, which actually has similar or even the same specifications might not have the update. It is all related to the developer of the gadget. One brand might make it possible for the update to be got by the users while the other brands of the gadget seem to be quite careless about this. If you are not really that sure about the security of the browser, it’s a good idea for you to use a third-party browser app like Firefox or Google Chrome instead of using the pre-existing browser app.

Even though the pre-existing one has been proven to be quite smooth to use but if the chance for your browsing will be hijacked is there, well, what your choice is going to be?

Hellraid: The Escape, Best Alternative App for Fans of The Room

featured on 9 Oct , 2014

It seems to be too long already for the fans of The Room to wait for the next sequel of the game, which is The Room Three. The fact they may not know about is that right now there is a very perfect game alternative they can play while waiting for the sequel to be out, which information is still unknown now. The game meant here is none other but Hellraid: The Escape, that is actually also included in the category of best games to download for Android devices in fall, 2014. As an alternative to be taken into consideration, this game is actually better. It can be said to be so because it is way scarier than The Room, which is in fact already scary enough. For your information, this game has been released previously for PC and consoles before the developer finally decide to release it as well from mobile devices, which are in this case, is Android and iOs.

Hellraid- The Escape, Best Alternative App for Fans of The Room

In simple words, it can be explained that the gameplay of this game is for you to escape a prison located in the universe of Hellraid, which is the main and only setting in the game. With first-person point of view, it will be so very easy for you to find out that the game is really engrossing. Basically, it is a puzzle game but there will be some types of game versions you will experience when playing the game. In some cases, you will be needed to finished different types of puzzle in order to be able to pass and go to the next step. Certainly, it will not be that easy for you to finish the game since it will get more difficult as you go further and further. This is definitely something that adds more challenge in experiencing the game. Besides, you also need more than just experience, ability, weapons, and agility in order to pass each puzzle challenge successfully because you are also needed to think with your brain so you will know about the right tactics to win each puzzle you face.

If being asked about the graphic design of the game, it cannot be denied that the developer, who is Shortbreak Studios s.c., really think about everything carefully. At a glance it is already clear that the game is filled with strong horror atmosphere, which does not only make it to be scary but also gruesome and gory. All of these atmospheres can be seen from the darkness of the game, prison details that will make you afraid of being trapped, badly injured, or even dead, and also enemies that seem to be more suitable to be called come from the other world of the dead.

Hellraid The Escape Best Alternative App for Fans of The Room1

Still in the relation of graphic design that is made very especially by the developer, playing this game is so awesome because you will be given the best graphic that is the same with the graphic quality seen when playing the game in gaming console or even personal computer. The difference is that the game is now available also for mobile devices, including Android and iOs with better flexibility value so you can play it at anytime and anywhere. As suggestion, it is much better for you to play the game on larger screen so the display greatness can be seen clearly. The fact is even better because the sound and audio quality of the game is also designed to be fantastic even if this game is designed for mobile Android devices.

Other plus point you need to know as well about this game is related to something else than the gameplay and also graphic and sound design of it. For example, the developer also designs the game with a cool feature, which is TV display support. This feature can be used via Airplay as well as HDMI if you really want to experience a much better gaming display. Other feature for you to consider as well is none other but intuitive controls that is also supported by free exploration feature. The last but not least, you need to know that even if this game is a universal app that is designed with center achievements, there is no in-app purchases designed by the game developer. Other than this, there are also no elements you need to purchase in order to win the game better. In other words, it can be said that this is a really fair game for every player to play since the main thing can be counted on to in playing it is tactics. Even weapons are not really affective in playing it. As long as you know about the right tactics to apply, it is very possible for you to gain winning more easily.

Hellraid The Escape Best Alternative App for Fans of The Room

Based on the latest update done on the 1st of October 2014 in which some minor changes are also applied, the current version as well as the size of the game is known to vary with the device in which it is saved and installed. Even so, it is so very possible for the game to need large memory in your device remembering the greatness of graphic as well as sound designs it has. For the Android device compatibility, as long as your device owns at least Android OS version 2.3 and enough memory space of course, it is guaranteed that the game can be installed and played perfectly. With rather low maturity level, it is so certain that this game is not really suitable to be played by kid. The last but not least information you need to know about this Hellraid: The Escape game is that it is not a free one. Its current price can be seen directly at Google Play, which is also the place where you can buy and download the game directly before being installed in your device. Once it is installed, you should be ready to experience another horror in your life not only at night but also in any other time.

Spider-Man Unlimited: Android App to Download This Fall

featured on 9 Oct , 2014

Android games are always perfect to choose since you can really play these all the time and anywhere remembering the fact that mobile devices such as tabs and phones are already enough as the console of the games. In simple words, it can be said that mobile gaming is an experience you can always get. This can be even better because new games are always released. In this fall for example, there are actually some new games that are recommended for you to download in your device. One of the examples is Spider-Man Unlimited that is at last available for mobile devices including Android and iOS. In simple words, it can be said that this game is quite similar to Subway Surfers but it is cooler in some ways, especially because it is made based on one of the coolest superheroes known now.

This new game is developed by one of the Top Developers in Google Play, Gameloft. The best thing about it is not only that the developer is awesome but also because it is actually a free game. Besides, this running action game is also made inspired from the real comic book, which finally also makes the game to be a good choice to consider by the fans of Spiderman or Marvel. The inspiration from the comic book is not only about the gameplay and storyline. It is actually also about the graphic design in the game, including also the design of all colorful characters involved in it. A very interesting fact for you to know is that the whole graphic design of the game is hand-drawn. This way, the comic atmosphere can still be felt quite strongly whenever you play the game. Other than this, you may not forget also about the music theme and background chosen for the game, which seems to make the gaming atmosphere even better.

Spider-Man Unlimited- Android App to Download This Fall1

Still talking about atmosphere, the action atmosphere of this running game can be felt perfectly from the visual effect given when you lay it. There will be explosion everywhere just likes what is seen in the comic book. Although it is so, certainly the game is in some way better because it has the value of motion picture as well as audio effect.

When playing this game, you will not only be able to play a version of Spiderman only because there is a chance for you to collect some other versions which are of course better in certain parts compared to the original red and blue version. These better character versions are in fact also the ones that will bring you to a better rank in the game. Better abilities and power can also be obtained from more and more experience you gain during gaming.

When playing the game, you are not only needed to fight enemies but also collect points. Bonuses and better items can be obtained not only from the points you collect but also some extra points and bonus prizes. The more you collect everything the better ranking you will get. Better ranking and points can also be obtained when you are able to finish some objectives, which are given differently in each level you play. For you to know, if you want to you can also submit your ranking in order to let other players in all over the world know. Certainly, Internet connection is then needed for this.

Spider-Man Unlimited- Android App to Download This Fall

Other thing you need to know about this Spider-Man Unlimited running action game is that it provides you two different gaming modes. The first one is story mode and the other one is free running mode that is also known as an endless mode. In the story mode, there will always be certain missions and objections given. Here, you are needed to fulfill all of those before being able to step to the next level. The great thing of this gaming mode is not only located in the fact that you will be able to gain vials and experience but also ISO-8, which is none other but the premium currency which can be used to purchase products in the game. On the other hand, the endless mode is in some ways easier because the goals are only experience and vials. It is too bad that you will not be able to gain any ISO-8 in this mode. This is definitely also the reason why you should try the story mode more if you are not a premium player. This way you can gain ISO-8 without using any real money at all since you do not have to purchase this.

Spider-Man Unlimited- Android App to Download This Fall2

If seen from the additional information of it, this game is updated lastly on the 2nd of October 2014 in which some bug fixes are added. Besides, in this updated version, which is version 1.0.1e, New York and Manhattan setting are also added. The memory you need in your Android device to save and install this game is not that big since it is only 21M. The more important thing is actually located in the Android OS of your device, which should be at least version 4.0. Because there is no maturity content at any level included in this game, it can be said to be the game suitable for all Android users.

The last but not least thing you need to be aware of in this game is that there are some items and products, which should be purchased with real money in it. Making a purchase will obviously make your Spiderman character to be better in quality that you will be able to play the game and pass each level easily. Although it is so, you need to know that this may cost you quite a lot if you do not set any limit. Although it is so, if you do not want to purchase such products, consciously or accidentally, you can just manage everything in the setting of your Android device. This way, all types of in-app products offered to players can never be bought.

The New Feature of iOS 8: HealthKit Platform

featured on 8 Oct , 2014

Meet with the New Feature of iOS 8- HealthKit Platform1There’s no doubt that there are so many health problems haunting us at this time. It is not because the health problem has become so severe and really dangerous so the amount of the people who suffer from such condition is really big. It is rather about how our lifestyles are not really that good anymore. We tend to do so many things that are basically not good for our health. Take the example of how we find it so tiring before we deal with any exercise and we like to consume junk foods. Of course, we all need to change our lifestyles or we will be disappointed later on. It is also a good idea to make sure that we can check our health condition regularly so if there is something wrong with our health condition, we can take immediate treatments to it. Well, to make sure that we can deal with keeping track to our health condition report, there is an easy way and the new feature of iOS 8 offers it. Let’s meet with the HealthKit Plaform.

This kind of platform has been designed to make it easier for the people to keep track about their health condition report. The operation of this HealthKit Platform is actually quite simple. It plays role as some kind of health book report. It will be able to record any results of the health condition check up that you have. Therefore, when you have the next check up, you can simply compare the data with the previous check up date to see whether there are some changes to your health condition report. And what is even more awesome is the fact that you can find this platform is integrated to certain system. To make it easier for you to comprehend about this matter, you can imagine about how you can check your health condition report data by means of “online” as long as you have your health condition checked by the doctor who also use HealthKit Platform. Thus, it will be a lot much easier and comfortable for you.

Meet with the New Feature of iOS 8- HealthKit Platform

Of course, this platform is really dynamic as You need to know that it has been designed to be able to work hard to meet with all personality of the iPhone users and by regarding their awareness towards their health condition. Indeed, using this platform can do real time check up. You can see how your health report can be derived directly by using the M7 and M8 sensors planted in your gadget. And yes, it is really possible for you to see all of the report data by using one app only. It will definitely make things become so much simpler for you. Now that you have known about such HealthKit platform, you should give it a try. It is the time for you to set up the database of your health condition so later on you can keep track on its development and changes. Once again, Apple has done great innovation and this time, it has reached the field of medical and health recording.